FY520 Pipeline Water Dispenser
* With 4 stage filtration (PP+CTO+UF+GAC)
* Hot, and cold function
* Well bedded and defined appearance
* Compressor cooling
Product Description
    Model name FY520
    Rated voltage: 220V-240V (110V also available)
    Rated frequency: 50Hz/60Hz
    Heating power: 500W
    Cooling power: 85W
    Hot water temperature: ≥90℃
    Cold water temperature: ≤10℃
    Heating capacity: 5L/H
    Cooling capacity: 2L/H
    Filter precision: 0.01um
    Outflow rate: 3L/min
    Packing size: 315*360*1035mm
    Loading quantity for 20GP/ 40HQ: 210/518pcs

FY520 Pipeline Water Dispenser